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When was the last time you checked in to ask yourself what you really want? 

Unless your goals are to time travel into the past, move to Jupiter or live forever,  most “out there” goals are still very obtainable with the right approach.


We typically just get stuck along the way. 


What the F*ck is Next? uses a practical approach to understanding what you want and how to get there. 


A perfect fit for anyone looking for clarity on their what's next. 



What to expect from What the F*ck is Next?

  • Multigenerational analysis of how we get distracted from getting what we want out of modern life and how to refocus our intentions.

  • Personal stories and case studies about how the Authors have used this Process to be successful getting what they really want out of life.

  • The Science of how the process works and how it will work for you.

  • 3 - Step Interactive Workbook - A proven research based method (David Chorpenning PhD has been using for 20+ years) that you will actually fill out in the book itself to identify your What's Next.

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The Authors

Father and son, David and Colton Chorpenning teamed up to create What the F*ck is Next? The NO-BS Guide to Getting What You Really Want.

It’s a research-based step by step process that’ s designed to answer existential questions and help you increase happiness, fulfillment, and success in your life. The Process will help you identify what you love, are good at, and what’s important to you. 

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David Chorpenning PhD

Besides wanting to make a positive difference in the lives of others, I enjoy time with family and friends and being active in the outdoors. Some of my favorite activities are skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, golfing and hiking.


Colton Chorpenning

Outside of helping people hone in on what the f*ck is next for them, I like to Snowboard, travel, cook and party with my friends and family.

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